Deep Down

A dark black night of emotions, you want to hold yourself tight, a narrow river of tears… A question, who makes you like that? My mind says it’s darkness(him), then suddenly heart speak up-“No it’s you”, your desire to see the bright 🌟 stars, you are not able to control your emotions. Whatever the pain, now it hearts me less after that day.

Who is going to hold you at the end? 🍂

Somewhere deep down there is still a hole which protects you from falling again

-Rupali Jindal

Relations & Pain

Everybody’s pain is equal , the difference comes only in moments and relations, if you not able to understand feelings of a person who is in pain, how much it hurts in one moment, time will show you the same in another moment, I know Time never discriminates. It has equal justice for all. Relations will make you realise, how important that person is in your life, you may be don’t care about someone pain, but even a scratch to your closer ones makes you likea knife goes into your heart. Tear replace blood. You cannot cry at the same time because you have to standby with that person, you have to give courage to yourself when you are thinking that you cannot support the person who is in pain you love the most. I know you are not able to sleep all the night. Morning breakfast just stuck in your throat and you courage starts breaking and your tears floats on your cheeks. Meanwhile, you get to know the person is in more pain, but time will make things alright, that’s the only thing you have. It’s easy to judge a person but think about that person by placing yourself on his or her place, may be your attitude change.

Surrender in love 💖

तू इश्क की इबादत कर फिर हिफाजत की जरूरत नहीं,
तू बंदी बना ले इसको खुद में,फिर इजाजत की जरूरत नहीं,
तू डूबा दे कहीं खुद को इस मोहब्बत के समंदर में,
तू मीट ही जाएगा कभी ,तो खुद को बचाने वाली इस आदत की जरूरत नहीं।

If you are completely surrendered in love, God will protect your love in every situation.